Meet Our Team







Raianna Brown

Artistic Director, Founder

Raianna co-founded Komansé with the vision of bringing dance made for us by us. Raianna is in charge of creating the choreography for the company. She is always coming up with new ideas and visions for the company. Thus her life is full of sticky notes, brain charts about new work, playlists of music to create to and master, and lots and lots of to-do lists. Typically, you can catch her in her car driving from class to rehearsals, or to Komansé meetings, or to dance class. She is elated about this fall premiere in partnership with Georgia Tech and growing her choreographic voice.


Ta Nycia Wooden

Internal Affairs Director

Ta Nycia (TippeyTay for the fans) has been in love with art since the beginning of time. In her childhood, you could find her with many different colors in her hair and ideas in her notebook. She believes in the beauty of everything and dedicates herself to showing others. Ta Nycia has a passion for photography and is snapping pictures every chance she gets. Her work is featured on our site! She uses her creativity and business skills to manage the marketing for RAINN Dance Theater. If she’s not asleep, you can catch her lollygagging around Atlanta or binge-watching cartoons.


Camille Atere-Roberts

Brand Director

Camille, or Cam for short, is another fellow creative added to the team. Her interests are very ingrained into all types of art, especially among digital art and photo editing. As a kid, Camille took ballet for four years, and the nostalgia of being amongst the dance atmosphere was strong enough to draw her into the Komansé team. Camille currently uses her artistic designing skills to design and create publications and visual media for the company as the Branding Director. When she’s not designing, she’s probably in a corner dancing carefreely.


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Chelsea Burks


Chelsea Burks is a fifth year Business Administration major with a minor in Law, Science and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a recipient of the Georgia Tech Prestige Scholarship, in partnership with Atlanta Public Schools, and the Atlanta Mayor’s Youth Scholarship as well. While in college, Chelsea has served as the Overnight visitations chair for the African American Recruitment Team through Georgia Tech Admissions and on the executive board for the African American Student Union as the Black History Chair. She has a passion for photography and has recently become a small business owner/founder of her own company, CDNB Photography. She has always been in love with art and photography through dance since she could remember. Along with growing her small business, when Chelsea graduates from Georgia Tech she plans to attend law school to become a patent attorney, and go on to one day own a law firm. She enjoys traveling, advocating for the rights of ALL black women and binge watching Netflix when she’s not being a photographer.


Destiny Wellington-Wilson

Videographer, Documentary

Destiny has always been fascinated with photography and film. When she was younger, she would find herself breaking down the scenes of a movie and watching videos about how filmmakers were able to accomplish certain shots. After being gifted with her first camera, she realized that she not only loved watching movies but that she someday would like to film her own. From that day on, Destiny has not put her camera down. Joining the Komansé team as a videographer has allowed Destiny to challenge herself with her first dance documentary while also getting the chance to be surrounded by the passion and hard work that flows into the art of dance. If you are lucky enough to see Destiny without her camera, she is probably at a movie theater or binge-watching a tv series.


Enyinda Boms

Administrative Intern

Enyinda (A-yin-da) is a recent addition to the team whose passion for dance runs deep. Fascinated by the dance moves of Michael Jackson as a child, he devoted hours trying to perfect every dance move he saw, hoping to one day become an innovative leader in world of dance. With time, however, Enyinda began to appreciate the creative construction of the elaborate, captivating performances he encountered by seeing the emotional power that these production had on its viewers. This fueled his desire to join the Komansé team, in hopes of being a part of something much bigger than himself that has such a positive impact on the community around him. Outside of dance, he also enjoys sports, playing the piano, and watching Ted Talks.


Makala Aayana Muhammed

Administrative Intern

Makala is currently a 3rd year Industrial and Systems Engineering Major at The Georgia Institute of Technology. Although her educational and career focus is on Health & Humanitarian Logistics, she has an everlasting love for all things art-related. From being involved in the art-rehabilitation program at The Shepherd Center, to completing her Advanced Placement Art Portfolio, to drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Makala has always had a creative mindset. Growing up, Makala often got to experience the talented Alvin Ailey Dancers of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and fell in love with the stories told through dance. She is now very excited to be involved with Komansé Dance Theater and having the ability to work with so many creative and socially-aware people!


Janay Jones

Marketing Intern

Janay (Nay) Jones is another recent addition the Komansé Dance Theater team. She is a third year Industrial Design major with a minor in International Affairs. She hopes to combine these two disciplines in order to globally revamp sustainable design and city planning. Nay became interested in Komansé’s latest production Skid due to its focus on the issues surrounding gentrification and homelessness. Moreover, Nay uses her design talents in order to enhance the visual essence of companies through their social media. She hopes to capture Komansé’s strong sense of social justice and passion for dance in all of the content that she produces and shares with the world.